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VSS Salutes CNN's Heroes

A Facebook group matches RVs that are sitting idle with health care workers who need a place to isolate after long hospital shifts.


By Alicia Lee, CNN

Updated 1:13 PM ET, Wed April 1, 2020

Mark Quale, an emergency physician, is able to isolate himself from his family thanks to Facebook group RVs for MDs.

(CNN) - For Mark Quale, an emergency room physician in Burlington, North Carolina, coming home after a long day at the hospital was as stressful as work itself. With two young boys, a wife and elderly mother-in-law at home, he knew that if he wasn't cautious, he could spread the novel coronavirus to his own family.So just as he arrived home from work, he would strip off his scrubs on the front porch, walk the specific route to his bathroom that was cordoned off by a tarp and wash all the germs off in the shower.


But today, Quale's mind is more at peace because he's able to isolate himself in a 31-foot travel trailer, and it's all thanks to a Facebook group called RVs 4 MDs, which matches health care workers to local RV owners.


From an ICU nurse in Twin Cities, Minnesota, to an ER doctor in Lynchburg, Virginia, RVs 4 MDs has matched dozens of health care workers with RVs, trailers and campers in their area. The Facebook group has already racked up nearly 3,000 members, an incredible number given the fact that the group was created just one week ago.

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